So, the question we want to ask is, what is Double Glazing, and how can it make your home warmer?

Well, double glazing is a type of window that has a layer of glass on the outside of the window, and a separate layer of glass on the inside of the window.

Now, you may be asking “How does this make my home warmer?”. Let us explain, the empty gap between the two pieces of glass isn’t so empty. In most modern double-glazed windows, this is filled with a gas called Argon. This gas is particularly special, as it is a great insulator, meaning heat travels through it slowly, meaning more heat is kept inside your home, rather than outside.

A Which! survey found that 44% of people believed that their home was warmer after having double glazing installed, and 40% of people found that it reduced their energy bills. So, it is definitely worth while having effective double glazing in your home.

If your double glazing is misted, or cracked, this could mean that the gas that slows the rate of heat loss from your home has escaped from the window, this means that your window will no longer be giving you the benefits a double-glazed window should be.

If you do find that one or more of your windows are cracked or broken, our team of highly skilled glaziers are able to repair and replace most forms of double glazing throughout the UK. Make sure to call or email should you need any assistance, details on how to do this can be found on our ‘Contact Us‘ page. For more information on how we can help you, make sure to check out our ‘Glazing Services‘ page.